Some of my Work

I’ve written hundreds of articles, not all of which are available online. This is a sample of some of my work.  Check back from time to time and I will put new ones and a few older ones for you to read.
Fifty years of the St. Louis Arch. Click here.

Moonpies. Click here.

America’s first lone wolf terrorist. Click here.

Georgia still honors a war criminal. Click here,

A presidential civil rights speech in the Deep South.  Click here.

Saving Chuck Berry’s house, the birthplace of rock and roll. Click here.

How the coal industry suppressed my book. Click here.

The Lynching of Robert Prager in Collinsville, Illinois. Click here.

The professor who saved pi. Click here.

The case of Rose Pastor Stokes. Click here.

An Alabama Senator even worse than Roy Moore would have been. Click here.

Gracie Allen’s run for President. Click here.

Trump’s Treason. Click here.

China in Africa. Click here.

It’s getting hard to be a Ted Nugent fan. Click here.

Five articles posted on my Linkedin page. Click here.


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