I was an Air Force brat who mainly spent my childhood in Metro East, the Illinois side of the St. Louis area. I earned a BA in political science and urban planning from the University of Illinois-Urbana. I then earned an MA from the University of  Missouri School of Journalism with a magazine concentration. To finish my degree I lived and worked in London. After working for a few years in Springfield and Collinsville, Illinois I earned a Juris Doctorate from the Washington University School of Law. I hung out my shingle, working for myself. I was licensed in Missouri, Illinois and the District of Columbia and I was admitted to a number of federal courts including the U.S. Supreme Court.  All the time I was practicing law I continued to write serving for a long time as the St. Louis correspondent for The Economist and a stringer for Time, the Chicago Tribune, Agence France Presse and currently Reuters.

After working as a lawyer and a journalist for many years I finally realized I didn’t want to continue as a lawyer and that my true calling was writing. It took another ten years to finally make the break. My only regret is that I didn’t do it much sooner.

My work has been published in the New Republic, Newsweek, Maclean’s, True West, Prospect, the Times Literary Supplement, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Ozy, Narratively, Americana, the Kansas City Star, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Air & Space Smithsonian, Wired, Sierra, American Heritage, the Los Angeles Times, Barron’s, History News Network, The Progressive, Route 66, Preservation, Rolling Stone, America’s Civil War, Flight Journal and many other magazines and newspapers in the U,S., U.K. and Canada, in print and online.

My first book The Voyage of  the F. H. Moore and Other 19th Century Whaling Accounts (McFarland) was published in 2014. I have written another history book The Herrin Massacre  which was suppressed just before publication under pressure from the coal industry. I have also written a novel called Darryl Ray. I’m looking for an agent or a publisher for both of the books. Excerpts from both books are on this home page. I am currently working on several history books which I hope I can share with you soon.

I am also a playwright. My one-act comedy, “The Patty Duke Question” was produced by First Run Theater in St. Louis in 2015. I have written two other plays including a rock musical and I’m working on others.

Another thing I’ve done is teaching in college. I taught courses in international law, media law, journalism and political science.

I have decided to postpone retirement until after the day after I die, so, God willing, I will be working and writing for a while longer.